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The Apostle Peter says in Acts 6:4 the Apostles were to devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word of God.

This is a lifelong commitment to prayer, daily prayer (see Apostle Paul regarding praying without ceasing, pray for those in authority and giving thanks in all circumstance) and to study of the Word that you might be a fruitful minister.

Of course this is not about studying alone because your study of the Word is to be applied in your ministry to lost souls.

However, it is a commitment to study that you can know the depths of the Word, the implications of its message and the theology behind it.

To that end SFOI is committed to encouraging you to pursue a lifetime of study.  To accomplish that goal SFOI does two things:

1] Has relationships with a variety of Seminaries and ministries who teach provide various levels of study to refer you to.

2] To affiliate with other entities to directly offer you Biblical teaching and training.

You can see all of the above on these two pages:

Samuel Davies School of Evangelism – Biblical Studies

Theological Studies – Learning Community

You are highly encouraged to pursue deeper study as you purse a deep prayer life. Most well-known evangelists, Pastors and teachers were learned men. Learned meaning by their study of the Word and theology the Lord gave them His wisdom which directly led to their fruitful ministries.

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