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“Do you know your sins are forgiven”

These words were spoken by George Whitefield the tremendous 17th Century evangelist to Howell  Harris likewise a fruitful evangelist from Wales when they initially met.  It is interesting the first thing Rev. Whitefield spoke was concerning forgiveness of sins.  He could have discussed his ministry successes, the way the Church of England treated him, his ministry with John Wesley, his future plans or any number of other topics. Yet Rev. Whitefield directly asked Rev. Harris about the forgiveness of his sins.

As evangelists what is our message?  It’s the same as Rev. Whitefield’s.  As we encounter souls the aim of our message is that they would know they can be forgiven of their sins and how.  As evangelists we are charged with bringing a direct and clear message that man is a sinner and must have his sins forgiven to be reconciled to God.

This message unlike other messages brings eternal Life and Immortality to light in the sinners life.  He is confronted with his beliefs about whether he is a sinner or no and if he believes this truth what he must do to atone for his sins.

In that regard evangelism is a very simple work.  Direct and to the point the evangelist is equipped to bring this light upon his hearers and frankly this must be the evangelist’s passion: bringing salvation to the lost.

Is this your passion? Are you preoccupied with your fellow man’s eternal relationship with the living God?  In a state of unbelief man’s relationship with God is one of enmity. Thus the evangelist’s passion is to preach salvation to this soul that he may know his sins are forgiven.  If this passion burns in you then register to join us today.

SFOI’s vision “To mobilize the next generation of George Whitefields to saturate the western world with the Gospel” is a vision of an army evangelists blanketing the western world whose passion is the salvation of souls. May we join with Rev. Whitefield announcing to the western world, “Do you know your sins are forgiven”.




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