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First Week of October SFOI 1,000 Games
September 28th (Thursday)-

Texas Tech vs. Kansas (Dorothy Boyett)

I handed out 700 tracts tonight at the game just as I was finishing a Tech student came up and wanted to talk about what being a Christian means.  Pray for Gary.

October 1st (Saturday)-
UGA vs. Tennessee (Alex Burt)
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The Tennessee Volunteers rolled into Athens on Saturday to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. Thousands of fans poured into the Tate Center and the bridge where we set up for ministry. We had the usual crew of Bobby, Hannah, Eden and myself, but were also blessed to have Rich, Mike and Freddie with us. The extra manpower was very timely as this was one of the larger crowds.
Freddie preached first, followed by myself, Rich and Bobby. Since we had arrived earlier than normal we still had a few minutes before kick off and the gate was clogged up with hundreds of folks waiting to get into the game so I had the privilege of preaching to this captive audience.
Hundreds of tracts were given out and thousands heard the Gospel. Praying for fruit that is unseen by us, but known to God!

Alabama vs Kentucky (Larry Sullivan)

Brother Bob Bynum and I began tract evangelism at the at the Southside of stadium at 2:30pm. When we first arrived their, Bob got to share the gospel with a man in a wheel chair. Then as we progressed through the ministry time both of us got to preach the word. We had many positive comments from the people who going to the game. We are not having any problems with University or Police officials at this site. Friday night outreach before the game went well. I had one good gospel conversation with a person from Kentucky.

The next game at the University of Alabama is in three weeks, Alabama vs Texas A&M. This should be a great game for outreach. Lots of interest in the game. Lots of people! Brother Al Baker is coming to this game with a couple of seminary students. So please be praying for this outreach.


University of South Carolina vs. Texas A&M (George Moore)

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Worthy is the Lamb! What a beautiful day, and honor it was to be out today sharing the Gospel of King Jesus.

The message that was pressed upon my heart was “Time” and I opened the message with a question which was, “What is the most valuable asset you have outside of salvation”? The answer is “Time.” Reading from Ephesians 5:15-20 the passages reminds us of how to live and to make the most use of God’s gift of time to use.

It was Remarkable in just two short weeks since my last outting at William Brice Stadium God has done a mighty work, as I had many people that welcomed me back, and stated “They remember seeing me there a few weeks ago, and they were happy I was back”! Praise God!

Moreover, I had two people come up and share their testimony and encouraged others to repent and receive Jesus as Lord. God even used a five year old whom I gave the microphone to and she testified and stated ” Recently I gave my life to Jesus” and she went on to testify that she “Loved Jesus”!!!! Wooo. Talk about powerful! God said He uses all thing’s to bring glory (Romans 8:28). An if that little girls testimony to steer your fire well then your wood is wet!

In addition God opened the door for three one on one conversation to take place, as the Lord brought the mouths of sins to a close. However, they still were unwilling to repent and turn to Jesus, but praise God He is drawing them!!!!

Furthermore, there were several that said they would plain to come out and help pass out tracks at the next game. This is good news as the field is plentiful, but few labors (Matthew 9:37). God is raising up works to GO!!!

However, I did have some folks come out and join me for a while from my local Church (I attached a picture of Betty, Matthew, and myself). I was very encouraged in having them both come out a labor in the fields for the Lord Jesus!

In closing, it was a trill to see God at work in the people’s hearts, and changing lives.
I closed with the retorcal question about “Time” and that, “Time is short and we all are going to die, as the Bible says in Hebrews 9:27, ” It is appointed unto man to die once and then to be judged.” Therefore, how will you respond if God ask you, but remember He already knows!! Hence, surrender your time to the Lord Jesus and allow Him to for fill His purpose in and through your life that brings Him glory!!!

October 2nd (Sunday)-
Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers (Jeff Padia)
I was joined by my friend Pete, a brother from my church, Faith Bible, in the ministry to Atlanta Falcons (and Carolina Panther!) fans at the Georgia Dome this day. We began the day by handing out tracts (about 700 for the day) as people started arriving for the game. As the crowd began to build to a more steady stream of fans coming down the sidewalk, I began to preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Several hecklers and mockers passed by today, all doing the drive-by heckler “thing”. By God’s grace, I returned their reviling with kindness and compassion. These poor souls are just doing what sinners do— showing their contempt and hatred for God. May God have mercy on their souls. I pray that seeds were sown in their life today that God might use to bring them to repentance and faith one day. God also brought several people by my spot who offered encouragement and gratitude for the gospel being proclaimed. A couple of folks stopped by and inquired about Bill Adams as well. 🙂
I had the opportunity to pray with a man named Ronnie, who was concerned about his sister who is expected to die soon. He professed to know Christ, and we talked about the Scriptures and the gospel. I also talked with a man named John, a Georgia Dome worker out on the sidewalk, who confessed to being a former drug addict and drunkard. I shared with him that I too had once been a drunkard, until God opened my eyes to see the patience and kindness and mercy He had shown me. I pointed John to Christ as his only hope. Though he considers himself to be an agnostic, he claimed to be searching for God through the Scriptures, mentioning various books of the Bible that he’s been looking into. I urged him to read the book of John and the book of Romans. Please pray for both of these men.
Youtube video link:
Pete handing out tracts upon our arrival…

October 3rd (Monday)


Minnesota vikings vs. New York Giants (Bill ‘DOC’ Schank)

Nobody else was able to come & preach with me, so it was just me. But, Gospel Tract’s were handed out , The Gospel was faithfully preached. Lastly, if you would all please keep *** Trey in your Prayer’s! When I finished Preaching, he walked up to me asking some very good Questions about the Bible. Praise GOD, I was able to talk with him for @ least 20-25 minutes & share The Whole Counsel of GOD with him & briefly shared my Testimony with him: How GOD Saved me from drunkenness & other sin’s. Solo Deo GLORIA!

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