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Fourth Week of October SFOI 1,000 Games
October 29th (Saturday)-
Ohio State vs Northwestern (Michael Coughlin)
October 29, 2016 saw the Buckeyes at home again against Northwestern. Something odd which occurred is that the game was listed as a 5:30 game at the beginning of the season, but changed to a 3:30 game recently. I had not reviewed the schedule and so our plan to be at OSU 4-5 hours prior to game time at 1pm made it so that we were there only 2 and a half hours before kickoff!

Our team consisted of 4 teenagers and 3 adults. We handed out tracts, compact NT Bibles and preached to cover most of the 2 hours up to kickoff. It was a sunny, nice day and the people were in good spirits, but it seems less and less people are willing to even take a tract any more. Although slightly discouraging, we are convinced God will get them into the hands of his elect if that is to be his means of saving them.

Three things of unique note occurred.

First, another church tends to minister near the same corner and we had nice conversations with them today. They have very nice signs with Scripture and they are very kind people.

Second, a young man and woman were on our corner handing out a form of tracts which promoted a strip club. They even gave cards to the young teens in our group! I normally preach quite generally, but I preached very hard directly at these two, calling out their sin and their attempt to exploit women and lead folks to their den of iniquity. I called the street corner a “corner of righteousness.” They smirked, but soon left for another corner.

Third, I had to find parking in an unusual spot. As the result, folks received gospel tracts and we had conversations we would not have had as we returned to our car. God truly orchestrates our steps.


University Of South Carolina vs. Tennessee (George Moore)

As the sunset faded over William Brice Staduim, unfortunately the depravity of mankind came out, and was driven by alcohol, which is used to seek the gapping whole they have with in their hearts.
I was blessed tonight in two ways by the Lord Jesus. First, by having brother Jo from Charleston SC come out a join me in laboring in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Secondly, as I and Jo were playing roles with one another to draw a crowed; a young man named Joshua who has a disability came up to and shared concern for those listening in that Jesus saves, and need to surrender there lives. Don’t miss this. Here is a man who is handcaped and testifying in the of Jesus, and showing great concern for the lost all the while people are feeling sorry for him he has compassion for them (the lost). I was so humbled and encouraged at the same time.
Nevertheless, Joshua’s heart  reminded me that I am to see people as he did, which is how Jesus does, and that is with compassion!  of something from Joshua, which was to see people with compassion!

    Jo and I had several conversations tonight, and God allowed for Richard and I to continue our conversation from last week. In addition, the people are becoming more receptive to the preaching of God’s Word and even seeking prayer and fellowship. It truly was and is a honor to proclaim the Saving Message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

First picture is brother Jo. Second, picture is a young man about to graduate, and seeking to be more of a servant of the Lord. Please pray for him. His name is Bennet.


October 30th (Sunday)-

Atlanta Falcons vs. Packers (Jeff Padia)

We had 3 men out proclaiming Christ in front of the Georgia Dome this day. Approximately 1000 tracts were handed out to, what seemed to be, a busier crowd than even last time! A large number of Packers fans flowed by, sometimes outnumbering Falcons fans! This prompted me at one point to read from Revelation 7 regarding, “…a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…and crying out with a loud voice, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’” We want them to know that our prayer is that many Packers and Falcons will be found gathered together around the throne of Christ!
Yet, we saw greater numbers of mockers and revilers among the crowd today. Many were blaspheming the name of our Lord. We tremble to consider that, “Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.”  Still, we remember that Paul, too, was once a blasphemer, persecutor, and insolent opponent of Jesus Christ. But the grace of God overflowed for him with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. (1 Tim. 1:13,14)

And so we preach Christ with great compassion. He is their only hope! We know that God is faithful, and His Word does not return void. And so, we preach Christ!

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