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Fundraising made simple

Fundraising is a very simple and repetitive process.  They key to it is your communication with the people you are inviting to partner with you financially (Phil 1:5; Luke 8:3).  Remember, the key is your communication with the people. The key is not your mission or you or even what you are doing but your communication with people.

Let me try to explain: in ministry your primary skill is communication.  When you preach you must be a clear communicator; when you disciple someone you must be a clear communicator; when you write you must be a clear communicator.

Regardless of a pastor or theologian’s theology their influence is magnified by their ability to communicate.  Look around, the most notable preachers of our day are recognized as good communicators.

So when you communicate to a prospective ministry partner make sure you are communicating clearly to them.  This means you tell them about the people you are seeking to reach with the Gospel.  You tell them how you reach them and the results.  That’s it.

Who, how and response.  Communicating with prospective partners does not entail a long theological or emotional treatise but a specific plan of action and follow up.

One final point, ministry is not about you.  You are the means of another soul hearing the Gospel.  Yes there are a few significants steps you must do to be a fruitful messenger, like prayer and knowledge of the Bible, but you are still a messenger.

This means you are not the point of your ministry.  The souls who hear the Gospel are the point and purpose of your ministry.

So when you communicate with a potential ministry partner you want to tell them about the souls who hear the Gospel, their response and your follow up.

Watch this video from the guys at Ask, Thank, Report and Repeat and let their message sink into your understanding.  While the video on the surface is about thanking partners the more important message is the communication with the partner they describe.


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