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George Mueller is not in the Bible

In the ministry world George Mueller is often cited as the way to support yourself as a full-time missionary or even the means of funding a mission trip.

The story goes that Mr. Mueller never asked anyone for anything for his orphanages.  All he needed was brought to him.  That’s about as far as the story normally is quoted and understood.

First, George Mueller is not in the Bible.  For Saints who look to the Bible as their only source for faith and practice it’s important to go to the source to see what is a Biblical means for in this case supporting Christian mission work.

Second, if you are going to use George Mueller as an example, frankly he is more often is used as an excuse for not doing something than for doing it, you should learn more about his story.   For instance he was a well known Brethren preacher and his sister wrote letters to wealthy people throughout England asking for their aid.  He was not an isolated man ministering to orphans.  People knew him and therefore knew what he needed in his work.

Third, if you take the theology of the typical George Mueller reference to its logical end then here’s what you have: we as human beings are born into the world and simply stand still as God clothes us, feeds us, educates us, and provides all the items needed for this life.

This is a theology of passivity. Of God serving us instead of us serving Him.  Is God passive? Does He teach us passivity?  Was our Lord Jesus passive?  Did He wait in the hills of Galilee or Jerusalem waiting on people to come to Him? Is His Great Commission a passive command? The question is not whether George Muller’s way works or not but why are you passive [if you are].  Why seek to justify your passivity?

If you say you are an evangelist you should eagerly ask other Saints to support your mission financially. Why? A couple of reasons: your faith should be such that you would do it, you should be at ease talking to people and it’s another opportunity to evangelize.

The blood of the Lamb is too precious to sit idly by and find ways to reject action and responsibility. Start praying, start asking and preach more often, in more places to more people for our great God’s glory.


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