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George Whitefield Program for full-time evangelists

Do you believe you are called to be a full-time evangelist?  If so review the information on the George Whitefield Program and pray about joining the Team.

Does your soul burn with a passion to proclaim Christ to the lost world?  If so, visit the George Whitefield Program to see the cities where evangelists are being placed, and learn more about the GWP.

The next training for the GWP is February 24 – 28 in the UK. Visit this page for details: GWP ’20 Training.

Rev. George Whitefield, the 18th Century evangelist and leader of what is commonly known as the 18th Century revival is perhaps the most prolific and fruitful evangelist since the Apostle Paul.

For more information about Rev. Whitefield read the two volume biography written by Arnold Dallimore.

If you have a burning desire to preach the Gospel full-time then make an application today: George Whitefield Program Application 7-21-19.

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