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Get in the Game: 7 billion souls

The world population is 7 billion.  That’s 7 billion living souls, descendants of Adam,  to hear the Gospel. (The first man Adam was a living soul).  These souls are inheritors of the sin and therefore death of Adam.  They bear the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What is the church’s responsibility?  Go tell them they can be quickened to life by the second Adam and grafted into the Tree of Eternal Life. (The second Adam was a quickening spirit).

The question today is what is your role in this mission?  It’s actually called the Great Commission that the Lord Jesus game Himself prior to His ascension.

At Sports Fan Outreach Int’l our participation in the Great Commission is to take teams of evangelists to major sporting events to to tell the fans of the Good News that they can ‘change trees’ or source of life.

The George Whitefield Program is for those men who want to preach this Gospel message full-time in major cities of the Western World.

Again the question is what is your role?  Are you going, giving or praying so that the Gospel will be heard by these 7 billion souls?  Do you have an idea of what types of evangelistic or church planting work exist?  If not please contact us and any information available will be shared with you.

The work of the church is never ending and increasing in responsibility. Pray about where you are to participate and ‘Get in the Game’.


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