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Evangelists are single-mindedly in the sin and grace business.  Why? Because man is born a sinner and sinners can’t fellowship with a holy God. To be with God and in His presence you must be like Him and that means become righteous as He is righteous.

So evangelists go into the streets and lanes and highways and hedges of life, in other words outside the church building, to preach to men that they are sinners and need to grace of God in Jesus Christ to become righteous.

Christian evangelists don’t preach that man can amend himself with good deeds and become righteous but preach that righteousness comes by faith in Jesus Christ whose righteousness is imputed to those souls who believe in Him.

Evangelists are looking for unbelievers to tell of this good news that unrighteous man can be come righteous by faith in Jesus Christ and to that end we are in the business of pointing out sin so that the grace of Christ can be applied to those who believe.

The elders and deacons of the church, however, are engaged in the discipleship of believers which has for more application involved while again, evangelists are confronting unbelievers of their sin and therefore lack of faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

What skills does an evangelist need to possess? Discernment and communication. He needs to be able to communicate the Gospel in a way that unbelievers hear of their present plight and the consequences of their unbelief and to be to discern what the sinner is actually saying when they reply to the preaching.

In all circumstances the evangelist must be cognizant of sin, its effects and how it manifests itself in the lives of unbelievers and how to apply the grace of Christ to remove the effects of sin and therefore bring reconciliation with the true and living God.

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