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The following is an eye witness account and perspective on the Rev. George Whitefield during his first sermon in New York City during his first trip to the Colonies in 1739. This account was recored in the New England Journal. In the account you see the ‘unfeigned faith’ of Rev. Whitefield which presents a divine perspective and intent of the evangelist.

“…He speaks much the language of the New testament; and has an admirable faculty in explaining the scriptures. He strikes out of them such lights, and unveils those excellencies which surprise his hearers. He expresses the highest love and concern for the souls of men; and speaks of Christ with the most affectionate appropriation – My Master! My Lord!

He is no enemy to the innocent freedoms and liberties of the Gospel nor affects singularity in indifferent things. He spends not his zeal in trifles…He prays most earnestly, that God would destroy all that bigotry and party zeal that has divided Christians. He supposes some of Christ’s flock are to be found under every denomination…

He declares that his whole view in preaching is to bring men to Christ, to deliver them from their false confidences, to raise them from their dead formalities, to revive primitive Christianity among them; and if he can obtain this end he will leave them to their liberty, and they may go to what church and worship God in what form they life best.” [page 436 Arnold Dallimore “The life and times of the great evangelist of the 18th Century”. Vol 1]

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