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Get in the Game: The scriptures come alive

Beginning with the initial calling of the Lord to go into the bar district of Buckhead 21 years ago one prominent reality that I experienced was the Scriptures came to life.  They came to life much more prominently than with me simply attending church on Sunday. Coming to life means for instances mockers and scoffers surfaced, the power of the Word being preaches and therefore heard (faith comes by hearing), being a fisher for the souls of men became a reality.  I had seen none of this before.

What’s the point? That part of the fruit of responding to the call to engage in the ‘Great Commission’ is that you begin to understand the Word more deeply and therefore your faith increases.  The Scriptures are written and recorded by a living and lively Holy Spirit. They are intended to be received and responded to by a body that is likewise living and active.  In other words the Scriptures are not a dead letter for a people who are also dead (inactive). You can’t know the Scriptures unless you put them into practice and in the ‘Great Commission’ preach and minister them.

Remember the Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the life, quickens us to come alive and therefore our lives as Christians should be alive and active.  You gain a deep understanding of the life in the Scriptures by engaging in the ‘Great Commission’.

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