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One of the paradoxes of sin is that we underestimate its power.  All we’ve ever known is to be sinners and live in a world of sinners and therefore perceive life as it is as normal.

As evidence of the power of sin man in this natural state does not perceive his need for a savior.  Man knows he’s not perfect but that does not translate into the quest for the salvation of his soul.  This scenario is due to sin and its power.  It is not due to man’s human circumstances but to sin.

The power of sin demands a great Savior who can free a soul that is dead from the power of sin. That’s why the Father sent His Son into the world to save sinners for Jesus Christ alone is that great Savior who can free souls from the power of sin.

This is why evangelists preach that Jesus Christ was crucified for sinners because He alone is able to free souls from the power of sin.

Yet even in the midst of this universal and ongoing scenario, that man is subject to the power of sin, Christians and the church are most often silent on man’s need to be released from the power of sin or as it is often referred to raised from the dead. The reason is sin and its lingering effects cloud our understanding of just how dead in sin we were prior to salvation.

The Apostle Paul represents the most mature Christian theology. As you read his writings you see a man who understood how dead in sin the world is and what the power of sin did to our understanding of God.

The point today is that you might reconsider your perspective on the power of sin and if you do not see Jesus Christ as a great and the only Savior to ask why.

What can you do to gain a right perspective on the power of sin and the Good News that Jesus Christ saves souls from this power?

  1. Read your Bible and pray daily. At least read and pray for 30 minutes each. Remember you are fighting against sin which is the second greatest power in the world.
  2. Reject all unnecessary worldly voices and activities. Paul writes that to be a friend with the world is to be at enmity with God. Do what you have to do to provide for your family but you are not obligated to participate in works of darkness, idolatry or other worldly affairs activities. Paul even says in Romans if you participate in unrighteous acts you will become a slave of them again. Learn what activities you do that awaken the sin in your old man.
  3. Engage in the Great Commission. Remember Christians are raised into a new life and therefore should realize that the world does lie in wickedness and there are other lost souls like they were who need to hear the Gospel. Find a church or ministry that is engaged in preaching Gospel so souls dead in sin can be raised into newness of life.
  4. These are marks of the new life. You must understand that your perspective on life is corrupted because of sin.  Don’t underestimate sin and live your Christian life in a lukewarm state.  Live it as one released from the power of sin to know the true and living God.


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