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Get in the Game: What else would you do?

If you are not engaged in the Great Commission then what are you doing instead? How much of your daily and weekly schedule is consumed with regular life and how much with extra-curricular activities? The point here is to calculate how much time is available in your life to engage in Great Commission work.

If you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and souls are redeemed alone through faith in Him and that He gave us the Great Commission which is to take His message into all the world have you considered how to engage in the Great Commission?

There are there categories of participation with one goal. The three categories are go, give and pray.  The goal is to engage mankind with the Gospel to ask them to repent, believe and become a disciple.

Within each category are multiple means of participating.  For instance, regarding going you could volunteer at your local church.  Volunteer for Sunday worship, Wednesday night dinner, helping or teaching Sunday School, participating in outreach activities like VBS or ministry to a particular neighborhood. In all of these activities you are participating in the Great Commission.

You could also volunteer in area, regional, statewide, national or international Gospel ministries.  There is enough variety for you to find one for which you have a passion and belief in its mission.

You can take a one to two week mission trip.  You could go to the jungles of Brazil or the streets of London. You preach the Gospel or teach children.  The goal here is for your evaluate your calendar first, second research where you can volunteer and then take the steps to participate.

You involvement in the Great Commission would lead you to increase your study of Scripture and your prayer life to enhance and make your labors more fruitful.  I would highly encourage you to enroll in an organized Bible Study or even a seminary or Bible College to take high level classes that require you to think, research and study the Scriptures deeply.

Second, regarding giving you want to give generously.  If you can learn to give your life will change because you become liberated from the power of money.  In fact, the Bible teaches wealth comes from giving not earning more so if you can practice giving you’ll experience liberty.  Again, evaluate your budget to see where you are spending money that could be invested into the Kingdom.

Give at least 10% of your income if not 20%. That will allow you to make substantial contributions leading to you finding joy in giving. Giving a high percentage of your income  will lead you to research which ministries you want to support.  That’s when giving becomes fun because you are excited to give, you read their updates which explain the results of your giving and you naturally become more eager to share the results with your family and friends.

Regarding praying, your prayer life should be increase as you participate more in ministry life. The Christian life is a supernatural one meaning “weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual” so we must engage in prayer to advance the Great Commission in general and the specific ministry in which we are engaged.

Praying for at least 30 minutes daily is a must.  This means you are sitting in one location, focused on praying vs. praying as you go through the day.  Since prayer is communion with our great God and Savior you want to treat your prayer in a personal manner.  This means prayer is not an activity but it is talking to God.  Being still allows you to listen better and communicate more deeply.

Prayer also includes praying those in authority. Christians should pray for those who lead their local church, the ministries they are involved with, the local, state and national elected officials and anyone else who directs a program or business they utilize.

Plan to take action today to “Get in the Game” and become engaged in the Great Commission.



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