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Grey Cup ’16 Report

Kevin Katzmann led a team of 14 evangelists to proclaim the Gospel to the fans attending the Canadian Football League’s Championship game called the Grey Cup held in Toronto, Canada Sunday, November 27th. Here is Kevin’s detailed report: Kevin Katzmann’s Grey Cup ’16 Report.

Kevin’s team ministered at the location of the Go Train Station which has two green circles at the top of the map. The fans would exit the train and walk due south to BMO Field a distance of probably 50 yards at most.  Most of the fans went to the game via the Go Train meaning Kevin and his team would have saturated the fans attending the Grey Cup with the Gospel.


If you’ve ever been to Toronto you know it sits on Lake Ontario which is the water in the above map.  Toronto, a self proclaimed international city, is only 98 miles from Buffalo, NY and 231 miles from Detroit, MI where the Michigan Football Weekend is held.

In 2015 an SFOI Team evangelized in Toronto during the Commonwealth Games and last February we were there for the NBA All-Star Weekend. From experience Toronto is an excellent city for ministry meaning there are plenty of souls out and about to hear the Gospel and they are from around the world.

Kevin accepted the offer to organize and lead a team to the Grey Cup. Kevin ministers every Friday night in Hamilton which is 41 miles from Toronto and so may of his team made the trip to BMO Field.

You can see a picture of BMO Field here.  The Go Train Station is one block away from the northeast corner of the picture.  Thus the Grey Cup fans would have walked south one block from the Go Train Station on Nova Scotia Ave. to arrive at BMO Field.  Kevin’s team ministered at the Go Train Station and across the street from the northeast corner below near the tall red sign.

BMO Field 2

You can see ministry pictures here: Grey Cup ’16.

However here are a few from left to right. The corner where the tall red sign is Justin, right, is preaching; Jesse, blue jacket, and Michael, orange toboggan, distributing tracts near Go Train Station; fans walking to BMO Field from corner with tall red sign; and fans walking to BMO Field as they have just left the Go Train Station.

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The outreach was wonderfully fruitful as most of the 30,000 fans attending the Grey Cup were provided the Divine gift of hearing the Gospel and being presented the opportunity to respond.

Thank you Kevin Katzmann and your team for making the journey to BMO Field.

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