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Herald Society St. Louis '16Pray now about joining Jeff Rose, Bobby McCreery and the JeremiahCry Team at their next Herald Society gathering which is in St. Louis, MO Oct. 13 – 15.

“The Herald Society is a teaching academy hosted by JeremiahCry Ministries and is designed to teach reformational street preaching. Imagine a 3-day intensive, public preaching training that covers every aspect of street preaching along with doctrine, engaging the culture, apologetics, family life, going full time, you name it.”

The list of speakers is a who’s who of  the powerful open air preachers of our day.

Geoff Kirkland
Sonny Hernandez
Jeff Rose
Sye Ten Bruggencate
Randy Kirkland
Bobby McCreery
Tony Miano
Church O’Neal
Mike Stockwell
Robert Gray

Join them for 3 fruitful days of teaching and fellowship. Register Now.

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