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Have you ever considered that unbelievers when presented with the Gospel seem unaffected by their no response.  They are not ashamed to be a fool (Psalm 14:1)which is amazing in light of the implications of the Gospel and their rejection of it.

If we Christians are so joyful to be reconciled to out great God and Savior then why are we ashamed to not be fools?  We’ve gone from sinner to saint, unrighteous to righteous, dead to alive, unclean to clean, from serving the devil to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and yet we are ashamed to admit this tremendous divine and eternal transition.

Why? There are myriad of reasons many to do with our old man still wanting the glory of man which is sin but the point here is to cast our responses in a different light and that is we are not the fools the unbeliever is and why would we be ashamed of not being the fool?

You’re unbelieving friend, parent, boss, co-worker are the fools not you.  Why let the fool make you ashamed of not being the fool?

Next time they say some negative about your faith tell them they are the fool and you are not ashamed because you are no longer a fool.

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