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“I can’t afford it” is not in the Bible….

Many times peoples response to participating in an event is “I can’t afford it” or words that to effect. Let’s breakdown what is being communicated:

First, do you ever have enough money, or time, for a mission trip?

Second, did the person who invited you believe you had extra money in your pocket so you could go on a mission trip?

Third, to close this line of thought, you weren’t asked if you had enough money to go on a mission trip but you were asked if you wanted to go on a mission trip.

Fourth, now let’s focus on the question, “Do you want to go on a mission trip”?  Yes or no.  If not then say so.  Be direct and upfront to eliminate any confusion. Tell the person who invited you, “No, I don’t want to go.” If your answer is yes, then you begin to plan how to pay for the trip. There are many ways to generate income to pay for a trip.  This site offers suggestions, see Fundraising, and here is a video showing how two kids raised $35,000: $35,000 Raised.

The goal in this blog post is for your to get clear on how money is to be considered in missions.  Does the Bible provide us with texts that allow money to be the deciding factor in our desire to participate in a mission trip? If you can’t find the verses then consider the motives of your “No” answer when you are invited to go on a mission trip.

The point of missions is for us to mature in our faith.  To accept the challenge to go on a mission trip is to accept the responsibility to overcome all the ordinary obstacles associated with going to a new land whether that is in the US or Internationally to tell other souls the Good News of Jesus Christ. At least if you say “No” to a mission trip invitation you are clear that you are denying those souls the opportunity to hear of our great God and Savior’s redemption instead of falsely resting in the response “I can’t afford it”.   [constantcontactapi formid=”1″]

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