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Twenty-four Saints gathered in Louisville, KY from May 5 – 8 to proclaim the Gospel to the 290,000+ souls who attended the races at ChurchillDowns Friday & Saturday.

There is a main race Friday and Saturday.  The one Friday is known as the Kentucky Oaks and the famous Saturday is the Kentucky Derby.  Both days are ‘normal’ days at the track which means that races are run all day with the main races at the end of the day (about 6:30 PM).

This means that the fans arrive early and stay through the end of the day providing ample opportunity for so many of them to hear the Gospel and respond.

As you look at the pictures keep this in mind: that from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM each day fans are passing by and our three teams spread across 4th Street are able to preach and minister to them. There are many souls working at and around the track who see and hear the preaching all day too.  Even the police are able to hear and many are positive to our presence.

The point is that each day is filled with souls hearing and responding to the Gospel: race fans,  local authorities, vendors, ticket scalpers, and other local souls who might have come out to watch the festivities or sell bottles of water.  Churchill Downs is a lively environment and wonderful location for Gospel ministry.

The following are some pictures.  All of them plus videos can be seen here: KDO ’16.

This is the Derby Outreach team:

KD '16 Team

Great picture of Joe preaching on 4th Street


This is a glimpse into what 4th Street looks like most of the day Saturday and to a lesser extent Friday.  Remember: 290,000 souls pass through this street over two days. The light is one end of the street and where the picture made, across from the infield gate, is the other.  Less than 100 yards long; more like 50.  On the left of this picture is Churchill Downs on the right are the vendors.  Notice the drum players in the bottom right of the picture.  Our three teams are spread along 4th Street in order to saturate the crowd with the Gospel.



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