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Genesis tells us man is made in God’s image.  One implication is that we are made to know God and understand His messages.

In evangelism most voices describe why man can’t believe the Gospel: man is white or black, or English or French, or poor or rich, etc.  This means you have to have a unique approach to each people group.

Huh?  Isn’t man made in God’s image?  Can’t he understand the Gospel? This does not mean he will believe but he can understand what he is being told.

What man who is dead in sin can know and is responsible for is a serious theological discussion.  Andrew Fuller the great Baptist theologian who preceded Spurgeon in London wrote extensively about this matter as have others. He believed, as Scripture teaches, man know what he is being told in the Gospel and is thus accountable.

So preach the Word! Ignore all the ‘contextualizing’ voices that shout man is not responsible for the Gospel and press like Paul says to preach the Word in season and out.

Why?  Because man is made in God’s image and He made us to hear and respond to the Gospel.

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