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Ohio State vs. Indiana 10/8

Ohio State University vs. Indiana 

October 8
Michael Coughlin
6 of us, including two 13 year olds and two 16 year olds arrived at Lane and Olentangy River Rd near the end of halftime. We immediately began distributing The Biggest Question DVDs for Wretched Radio and passed out tracts. Michael preached Matthew 5-7 to the crowds and then, once the game ended Michael preached over an hour while to the crowds traveling to their cars. All 400 DVDs were distributed and over a thousand tracts. The crowd was filled with vile, filthy-mouthed folks who thought nothing of shouting obscenity and profanity at teenagers with gospel tracts. Nor did other football fan families with small children deter them from shouting negative comments. We rejoice to have been counted worth to suffer shame for the glorious name of Jesus Christ. Joe Conkle was able to challenge one Christian man about why he hadn’t shared the gospel with his friend who vocally opposed the preaching. And a man from Dayton stopped to listen, liked what he heard and effectively asked for help getting started doing the same thing! Praise the Lord.

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