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When you are challenged while you are preaching is your response to become defensive? If you are telling others about your evangelistic work and they challenge you on its effectiveness do you become defensive?

Defensiveness brings forth an attach on the one who challenges you.  For instance let’s say a pagan said to you that Jesus was a myth.  There is no proof of his existence.  What would be your response? One of defense where you attack the pagan or is it one intended to draw forth further comments from the pagan to gain a deeper understanding of his perspective?

If a Pastor passes you and says open air preaching is pushing people away what would be your response? One to attack him for his lack of evangelistic effort or to query him for further discussion.

The point here is that defensive remarks are faithless. They might be accurate but they are faithless.

You are an evangelist and as such you are to bring faith to the people.  In other words, like Jesus in the temptation with Satan, you are to use God’s Words in response to people’s attacks upon you.

Our belief in the sufficiency of Scripture means we believe the truth of God comes from His Word and therefore we as evangelists point people to His Word in our work.

Again, Acts 6:4 is the key verse for the fundamentals of our work: “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

Know God’s Word and be a man of prayer if you are going to engage in the evangelistic work of open air preaching.

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