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The point of this message is to encourage you to look your audience in the eye when you are preaching to them.  Imagine when the Lord was teaching He would have looked directly and continually at His audience.  His righteousness would have been seen through His eyes and His message would have penetrated into His audience’s eyes, ears and souls to the point of edifying them and/or convicting them of their sin.

Your preparation for your preaching should bring you to a state of righteousness that ‘your whole body will be full of light’ (Matthew 6:22) and when you look at your audience they will see your purity as you deliver your message.

Your purity will lead to you being able to look at your audience as you preach your message and they will know and see you are talking to them and you believe what you are saying to them.

The point of this teaching is that if you find yourself looking away from your audience, preaching over their heads, yelling at them, turning up your amp to the point where all they hear is the volume or your don’t believe your interaction with your audience impacts them then reconsider your method(s).

One way to understand the point of this teaching is to consider if the Lord preached to His audience as you do.  Would He do it your way?

[This is a series of messages on Open Air Preaching. This is #2.]


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