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Open Air preaching: fans are souls too

Fans like the ones in this picture can have several labels: extreme, crazy, zealous or funny.  Either way they are all ultimately souls, descendants of Adam, who need to be reconciled to God.

Often in our day we are too familiar with sports and don’t see sports fans as souls who need to be born again and thereby become new creatures as Paul says in 2 Cor. 5:17-18 as necessary for salvation.

But you can’t fall for the great temptation to ignore the fans and focus on other groups of people who would ‘appear’ on the outside to need salvation more.

No you must preach the Words of Life to them and that is the point and purpose of Sports Fan Outreach: SFOI seeks for the souls at major sporting events, which includes Professional and College Football Games, plus the Super Bowl, Final Four, Kentucky Derby, etc. to hear the Gospel, be called to repentance and be ministered to in the moment.

Oh no, you can’t let your human loyalties dismiss the sports fan as just a byproduct of your ‘favorite sport’; no you need to preach the Word to them so they can be saved otherwise they will perish like all souls born into this world.

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