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Above is Richard Kellar preaching Words of life to New Orleans Saints fans on Sunday, October 29th. Richard is a faithful brother who minsters around New Orleans.

Here’s he is simply proclaiming the Gospel as the fans pass. ‘Some sow, some water, but God gives the increase’.

The Bible tells us that the Word is sown into the souls of man. This means you ave two dynamics at work: the Word or Seed and the soul. Matthew 13 gives an extended explanation of this interaction (Matthew 13:1-30). The Word contains life and if it is received into the soul then their is a new birth (1 Peter 1:23).

Does the farmer who sows his natural seed look for an immediate crop when his seed goes into the ground?  No. Does the farmer anticipate the seed coming out of the ground slowly and over time does it come to the place to be harvested?  Yes.

The same with the evangelist: he is to sow and water the seed and if he is faithful the seed will come out of the ground at some level.  Of course in the Matthew 13 parable Jesus explains the 4 types of ground.  Thus the level of the maturity of the seed appears to be in part based on the gourd into which it was sown.

Either way, the evangelist’s job continues to be to sow and water the Word which is what Richard is doing in the picture above.

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