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Parachurch is not in the Bible

The word Parachurch seems to be used to identify ‘ministries’ that are organized outside the ‘authority’ and initiative of the ‘local church’.

Is this distinction in the Bible?  Is there is a distinction in the Bible amongst Christians who are engaged in the Great Commission, which is the preaching of the Gospel and making disciples of the nations, [Or you can say the Great Commission is the preaching and teaching of the Kingdom of God Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15;  ] Both of these would be the work in which you would assume the ‘local church’ is engaged.

If Jesus, the Head of the Church, gave His people the Great Commission then whose work are Christians engaged when they preach and teach the Kingdom of God? His of course.

So when a Christian is engaged in the Great Comission are they acting outside the ‘local church’?

Let’s back up for a minute.  What is the church?  It is the name given to the eklesia or people of God.  It is not a name for an institution.  The local gathering of Christians is called a church but the people are the church.  Again, who is their Head?  Jesus is the Head of the church.

Now have leaders, elders and deacons, been established to govern a particular body of Christians?  Sure.  But does every act of the Great Commission have to be approved by them? No.

Despite the impracticality of this suggestion it would also be tyrannical that a Christian could not preach and teach the Kingdom of God without the approval of an Elder or Deacon. What if an Elder or Deacon disapproved of a Christian engaged in the Great Commission? Who has erred in this situation?

The point is you don’t call Christians engaged in Great Commission work para churches you call them Christians engaged in the work the Head of Church, Jesus Christ, gave His people: the Great Commission.



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