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Meet Adam Wright


 My name is Adam Wright and I live in Canton, Ohio. I work as a packer at RCA Rubber Company. I am married to my amazing wife, Tammy, and collectively we have 4 kids. Chrissy (27), Emily (22), Caleb (18), & Nick (17). I have an evangelistic outreach ministry called Made For This Ministries with my one son, Caleb, in the Canton area. We do evangelism at the local First Friday events, Pro Football Hall Of Fame Festival, Light Up Downtown, and any other event we can make it to. We also do outreaches with our Cleveland area friends. I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!!!

My testimony is that I was raised in a very strong Christian home with great Christian parents. Middle school and high school were real hard for me and I began to hang around some sketchy kids. I had a rebellious streak a mile long. After I graduated, I went into the Navy and became an agnostic which somehow led to me getting involved in Wicca (paganism) and got real messed up spiritually. I got out of the Navy and lived a life of drugs, blasphemy, death metal, and everything evil I could think of. It seems that the Lord had other plans. He drew me to Himself in ways that sound crazy now. The Lord saved me from the iniquity of my sins, granting me repentance and faith. Life has never really been the same. 
Evangelism is my passion and I one day hope to be in full time ministry preaching the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, God willing, of course. I have attended the last 2 years of the Kentucky Derby Outreach with SFOI and plan on attending more events in the future.

Adam Proclaiming Gods Word
Adam Preaching at NFL Hall of Fame Game

Adam Heralding at the Kentucky Derby


Adam Preaching at First Friday

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