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April 13, 2017
Andy Schmelzer
Meet Andy Schmelzer 
Andy Preaching in San Francisco for SBO 16′
Andy Schmelzer grew up in a Catholic home being the youngest of 6, but at a very young age knew something was missing. He got in trouble for asking questions, being accuse of causing trouble for church leaders but he was genuine in wanting answers to difficult questions.  As a teenager 2 of his older brothers got saved and brought the biblical gospel message to a Catholic household which caused holy wars that were heated arguments that went on for many days.
Sitting in the shadows of all the ruckus he approached these brothers after the smoke cleared and asked for more info and finally got the answers to some of those difficult questions.  He quickly accepted Jesus in an “ask Jesus in your heart/repeat after me prayer” type of unbiblical method and thought he was saved. But as he read the bible and found that much of Catholicism was contradicted by it, the verse to go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation haunted him for years.  
While living as a false convert or phony Christian from his teens through most of his adult life God brought him a heavy conviction that his sinful lifestyle was not pleasing to God and that God hated his sin and lifestyle. After everything Jesus endured in the sacrifice He made how could one continue in such sin when He deserves so much more than that? That conviction brought Andy to take a stand against this sin and change his ways. He never realized that this was the true biblical conversion and an example of biblical repentance. He didn’t truly repent of that sinful life to get saved, he thought he already was. It was purely to please God. 
Since Andy has been soundly saved he married Victoria in 2002 who had already been involved in medical missions and they started doing them together and after stumbling across biblical evangelism they knew they have been evangelizing wrong and studied WOTM’s ( Way of the Master’s) School of Biblical Evangelism. This evangelism was not well received in the mission groups they went with so they started Fishers of Men Medical Ministries around the end of 2002 and organized and lead medical missions overseas until about 2012 where the focus on ministry was then shifted to be in the US and their local public squares. 
Andy now travels around the US when able to, preaching the gospel at sporting events as well as going to the local college campuses during the school year and hitting the local summer festivals in his area. After learning biblical evangelism while living In Oregon, he spent 13 years there evangelizing and in the fall of 2016 moved to Summersville, WV and is blessed to be part of Woodbine Baptist Church and looks forward to all that God will do in ministry with that church and in the area as well as doing some traveling.
Andy Sharing the Gospel with a Neighbor
Andy leading his SBO 17 Team this year in Houston, TX
Andy pleading with mothers at the abortion mill
Super Bowl 2012 - Andy Schmelzer
Super Bowl 2012 – Andy Schmelzer
West Virginia University Evangelism
West Virginia University Evangelism

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