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Meet Ben Grady

Ben Grady is a street evangelist in the Nashville, TN area.  He has only been doing evangelism for about a year but in that time he has been blessed to meet many others who are doing the same.

Ben did not grow up in a Christian environment. His parents and brother were all either atheist or agnostic and he fell into the same mode of thinking. If you asked Ben in high school and college – although you would have had to catch him in between bouts of drunkenness and insobriety from drugs – he would have told you that he was spiritual but not religious.

After attending his first Bible study in college he was turned off by hearing someone say that everyone who was not a Christian was spiritually dead. This seemed an arrogant and ignorant statement at the time but afterwards the truth of it would be made known by bringing this dead man to life.

After receiving an undergraduate degree from University of Washington in Seattle, Washington Ben moved to Nashville, Tennessee to go to graduate school at Vanderbilt University. He spent about four and a half years trying to earn a doctorate degree in human genetics. It was during this time that the Lord really began to work on him. In the first year in graduate school Ben began attending a United Methodist church with one of his roommates. Even though there was precious little truth being preached in this congregation, it was a catalyst for change when Ben enrolled in a 33 week Bible study course that took him through a good portion of the scriptures. Encountering the sayings of Jesus in the New Testament struck Ben in a way that nothing else had before.

A newfound desire to serve the homeless and to do prison ministry began to change his life. Despite these changes, however, Ben still wasn’t aware that his heart was desperately wicked and that he needed to be born again. In fact, he kept on using drugs, drinking, and having ungodly relationships with women, although these things began to be more troubling to him. In the late months of 2011 God did something amazing to Ben. The Lord used a man who was quite honestly crazy but who believed in the power of the word of God to get Ben to start memorizing scripture. Around this same time, the dark and troubling history of his sexual immorality began deeply disturbing Ben.

On a rather unremarkable January evening in 2012, after some pot-smoking, during prayer, God wrought a change in the heart of Ben. No longer was the Bible just a book, but it became living and active to him. The weight of sin fell off his shoulders and spreading this new-found knowledge became everything to Ben, even though he was still vastly ignorant of most of the salient points of Christianity – at this point all he knew was that the Bible was true and that he needed to follow Jesus.

Due to his background in homeless ministry and a misinterpretation of what Jesus meant when he said that the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head, following Jesus to Ben meant leaving his PhD program and becoming voluntarily homeless. He ended up, after a series of turns, at the Nashville Rescue Mission, the city’s homeless shelter. There he ended up going through a life recovery program which had a profound impact on guiding him. The Lord continued to work grace in his heart after this time to bring him away from a number of bad spiritual situations to his current place.

By God’s amazing grace, Ben is now working as Database Administrator at the Nashville Rescue Mission, where he also gets to do frequent one-on-one ministry as well as preaching. He has been married for just over two years and is a member at the Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville. Him and a few other men are, through the guiding hand of God, seeking to stir up an evangelistic spirit in their local churches and city through their group, Together 4 Evangelism. Ben now does regular open-air preaching on the streets of Nashville and other evangelistic expeditions as the Lord allows.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace to sinners!

Ben Witnessing to his Neighbor
Ben Graciously handling a heckler with questions
Ben Preaching at A Nashville Predators Game

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