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Meet George Alvarado

George Alvarado was falsely converted 8 times before he was genuinely saved on January 11th, 2004. Like the majority of people in western Churches today, he made many decisions to be a Christian, but none of them were a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. After he was regenerated through repentance and faith, he soon received military orders to move to England. Being newly married, in a new country, and a new convert, this season was quite a shock for him and his wife. But that is one of the ways God rapidly grew him.

He attributes his seven and a half years in England as both wonderful and extremely sanctifying. Soon after he arrived, he immediately began to share his faith with co-workers, family, friends, and strangers on the streets of Newmarket, Cambridge. His most trying times were the immense amount of opposition he faced from professing believers and pastors when he preached the biblical gospel to his local church(es) where he attended. But that didn’t stop him from preaching and being obedient to proclaim the gospel wherever he could. Two years after his arrival in England, he was overcome with conviction to preach in the open air. And that calling has gripped his heart ever since!

During his time overseas, George had the privilege to preach as a Sunday school teacher for ages 12 and under, inside military confinement facilities, during worship services, and in the streets of Cambridge, England on a regular basis. It was through the ministry in Cambridge that he was able to equip and train aspiring open-air preachers and faithful saints for the work of the making disciples. Since his return to the U.S., he has been able to link up with other preachers and continue the work of making disciples in Illinois, Colorado, Wyoming, and now Washington state. It was Super Bowl 2015 in Pheonix, Arizona that George was introduced to Super Fan Outreach International and had the privilege of being a team leader in Houston in 2017.

George is married to his beautiful wife Solivette, has a son and three children in heaven. He holds Bachelors in Applied Linguistics and is the author of the book Apocity: The Greatest Omission, which you can download for free here:

Apocity: The Great Omission

He writes blogs for Truth in Grace, is a co-host with Ricky Gantz on G220 Radio Network and has his own show with Mike Miller called Tongue Waggers: Linguistics from a Christian Worldview. He has experience working with church plants, leading and organizing evangelism outreaches, loves teaching apologetics, hermeneutics, systematic theology, linguistics, and exercises his passion for the gospel and teaching in his current local assembly. And because George is a 16-year veteran of the United States Air Force, he has had the further privilege of preaching Christ wherever the military sends him. But his greatest desire is to see revival during his lifetime. He asks that you continue to pray for him, his family, and for those in the United States military.

George in the midst of a Trump Rally

George Witnessing to Gang Members in Wyoming


George showing Truth to his neighbor

George Preaching in Ft. Collins

George Teaching on Refuting Carnal Christianity

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