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May 5, 2017
Jaycen Saab
Meet Jaycen Saab




Jaycen Saab was raised in a Roman Catholic home until he left to enlist in the U.S. Navy a month after graduating high school. While in the military, he waded in and out of religious gatherings of both Roman Catholicism and Evangelical services. When he returned home, he spent many years without a saving relationship with Christ. Jaycen bounced in and out of bars, playing in bands and running a successful DJ/karaoke business.
While still running the DJ business, he became a member of a Protestant church for the first time. Soon thereafter, he professed Christ through the traditional sinner’s prayer, and only 3 months later, it was obvious that he was simply another false convert.
In October 2004, spurned by a family tragedy, he surrendered to Christ and has been growing and walking with our Lord ever since his true conversion.
In 2005, Jaycen felt the call to ministry. He served as a youth pastor and worship leader only to discover many unbiblical practices within that church, as typical in the seeker-friendly church in America.
After eventually finding a Biblical church, Jaycen served for 3 1/2 years as a worship leader and itinerant preacher. While attending a local Christian festival and spending much time sharing the Gospel with professed Christians at that festival, God showed him the need for Biblical Gospel proclamation.  Many who professed Christ and belonged to churches for years could not even give an elementary explanation of the Gospel of Christ. This led to God calling him to become an evangelist.
Since then, Jaycen founded AppalachiaCry Ministries. This ministry takes him to festivals, city streets, college campuses, and any event where a large gathering of people may be found throughout all of Appalachia in West Virginia and surrounding states. In partnership with the local church, he teaches classes that show the brethren how to Biblically share their faith. He has also continued his call into itinerant preaching.
 Jaycen is married and has 4 children. 
Jaycen Open Air Preaching
Jaycen Witnessing to a Neighbor
University Preaching

Forest Festival Open Air Preaching Jaycen Saab

Super Bowl 2017 Open Air interactions and preaching

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