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June 2, 2017
Kris Hudson
Meet Kris Hudson


Kris Hudson is an open air preacher who does street evangelism in Fargo, North Dakota. He has evangelized outside of Newman Outdoor Field (minor league baseball stadium), North Dakota State University (NDSU) football games, various kinds of parades, stoplights, street fairs, and on the NDSU campus. Kris grew up in a home where both of his parents loved Jesus. They raised him and his siblings in the way of the Lord. When Kris was in first grade his mom led him in a sinner’s prayer.

At the time Kris said that prayer he didn’t understand how serious God viewed sin nor the necessity of repentance from sin. From first grade up until his freshman year in college Kris went through youth group, camps, Vacation Bible schools, and AWANA but he was a false convert during that time in his life. He never had a desire to live a holy life, share the gospel with the lost, nor to read the Bible. In July 2008 God used a message that was preached at a large denomination’s youth convention to get Kris to think about how holy God was.

A few months later God started to remind Kris of the reality that Kris was going to die one day. For the next few months after that God was working on Kris to get him to think about his eternity. It was an unenjoyable period of time for Kris but God used that as a step to bring Kris closer to salvation. In July 2009 God used a worldview conference as a reminder to not be a part of the church drop out rate statistic.

During Kris’ first semester of college (Fall 2009) God used a church’s bible study and preaching to draw, convict, and bring Kris to rethinking his sinner’s prayer experience. There was a lot of pride (in saying the sinner’s prayer as a kid) that Kris had to repent of during that semester. On December 30th, 2009 God granted Kris repentance and faith. After doing a door to door outreach during a conference Kris talked to his driver about salvation. God used that conversation to bring Kris to true repentance and faith. Ever since that moment God has used the Bible to sanctify Kris. In July 2011 Kris attended Ambassador’s Academy #20. God used that academy as a launching point to bring him on the streets to share the gospel with people in Fargo.

Currently Kris is attending (and soon to be member) Metropolitan Baptist Church in Fargo, ND. He also has a blog called “Lefty for Biblical Evangelism” ( There are papers and posts about various evangelism endeavors that he has done. After June 15th (when Kris takes his actuarial exam), there will be more papers and evangelism on his blog. Also, Kris has open air and handing tracts audio at the website

Kris tracting at Superbowl in San Francisco
Kris Witnessing to his neighbor in love.

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