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May 11, 2017
Michael Corral
Meet Michael Corral


I am layman evangelist and open air preacher in Washington DC and member of and under the authority of the Pastors and Elders at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC). I have been a supernaturally born again Christian since around 2004, found out I was a Calvinist around 2008 and was re-baptized and became a member at CHBC in 2011. I started studying and practicing evangelism mostly online starting around 2005. After witnessing to a cousin-in law, now a pastor in Florida, he started open air preaching on the streets of DC, and after many invitations, I finally joined him in 2007, and haven’t stopped since. I have personally spoken / witnessed to thousands upon thousands of people, and handled out tens and tens of thousands of Gospel tracts. I have open air preached to all kinds people, always preaching a Calvinistic Gospel and Expository Preaching, with an evangelistic message, hundreds and hundreds of times.

I am married to a young wife, for one year as of May 1, 2017. We don’t have children at this time, but we are working on it. I work full-time in the commercial real estate industry, I also work part-time in the retail industry (marriage is expensive). I try to go out of my way to do evangelism on Saturdays, the rest of the time, whenever the opportunity presents itself. I collect antiquarian books. I would like to plant a Church in a busy city someday, and hope to be a pastor and author, when it is the Lord’s will and those doors are opened.”

Michael Reasoning with a Heckler
Preaching to the lost at Gay Pride in D.C.
Michael on the box Preaching

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