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From Andrew Rappaport:

We will start with a training Friday night and an all day outreach to the atheist at the Reason Rally on Saturday.

The Atheists will be having another “Reason Rally”. They will be gathering, which gives us a great opportunity to witness to 20,000 atheists in one day. Our hope is to get 1,000 Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. If you love to share the gospel or not this will be a great opportunity for you. With so many other believers sharing the gospel you will get to learn from other and enjoy great Christian fellowship.

Friday night we will have a special training with Ray Comfort, Matt Slick and Andrew Rappaport. Ray will be sharing an exclusive sneak peek of the first 10 min. of their upcoming film “The Atheist Delusion”, only to those that attend the Friday night training.

For more information visit the sire:

Plus the DC Outreach hosted by Ray Comfort and Living Waters…

For details visit: living


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