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Samuel Davies Conference

Praise the Lord for a wonderful time at the Samuel Davies Conference hosted by Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship and Rev. Al Baker in particular.

The Conference’s purpose is to train evangelists and especially young evangelists. Samuel Davies was a Presbyterian evangelist who by his death at the age of 37 had planted 13 churches.

The Conference is held in Bristol, TN during the Bristol Motor Speedway’s August NASCAR race.

Each day begins with an hour of prayer followed by teaching and then 5 hours of outreach.  This year praise our great God and Savior there were thirty men present.  Many who had never preached before.  For pictures: Samuel Davies Conference pictures.

One story is about a young man from Ohio who had driven to Bristol with a friend to attend the races. They both responded to the preaching and Jim Grega engaged one of them in a conversation.  The young man had had a terrible wreck where he was thrown out of the sun roof of his car and nearly died.

Apparently he had begun to seek the Lord and Jim further explained that he need to confess his faith in Jesus Christ to his family and friends. The young man asked many questions about this and ultimately confessed that he would despite their potential reaction.

Many conversations were held at Bristol Motor Speedway including one with the other team where a young man called on the name of the Lord for salvation.

Pray about joining us next year. Details to come……

A couple of pictures are below:

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