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Second Week of October SFOI 1,000 Games

October 8 (Saturday)

Ohio State University vs. Indiana (Michael Coughlin)
6 of us, including two 13 year olds and two 16 year olds arrived at Lane and Olentangy River Rd near the end of halftime. We immediately began distributing The Biggest Question DVDs for Wretched Radio and passed out tracts. Michael preached Matthew 5-7 to the crowds and then, once the game ended Michael preached over an hour while to the crowds traveling to their cars. All 400 DVDs were distributed and over a thousand tracts. The crowd was filled with vile, filthy-mouthed folks who thought nothing of shouting obscenity and profanity at teenagers with gospel tracts. Nor did other football fan families with small children deter them from shouting negative comments. We rejoice to have been counted worth to suffer shame for the glorious name of Jesus Christ. Joe Conkle was able to challenge one Christian man about why he hadn’t shared the gospel with his friend who vocally opposed the preaching. And a man from Dayton stopped to listen, liked what he heard and effectively asked for help getting started doing the same thing! Praise the Lord.

October 9 (Sunday)

Dallas Cowboys vs. Bengals (Joe Hinson)

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Stoplight traffic again. I may try another location where there’s hopefully a little more time for interaction next game. A ticket scalper who I believe was a Black Hebrew Israelite got pretty annoyed that I was there. We had a brief conversation but other then that I did my best to ignore him as he was only interested in shouting profanities at me. I passed out a lot of tracts and read through portions of 1 Cor 15.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Houston Texans  (Bill ‘DOC’ Schank)

Thank you Very Much for Praying for Brother Caleb Rappe & I. GOD Answered All of your Prayer’s! The Gospel was faithfully preached, as we witnessed & Preached the Gospel: The Gospel was not hindered by the Police or anyone else. The Holy Spirit gave us utterance & boldness. GOD Protected us from all evil! There were not a lot of people who accepted Gospel Tract’s, but there were a number of them given away. ***Praise God

Please pray for Trey: He was pretty humble. (Maybe if Brother Caleb Randy Rappe. Rappe sees this he can share more: Because Caleb talked with him while I was preaching The Gospel. Again, Praise God & thanks to Caleb: While I was preaching, I heard Trey say that he needed a Bible. Well, Caleb being Very Kind & Generous as he is; Caleb gave his Bible to Trey (Caleb, I hope you’re not mad at me for sharing that: It’s True, you are Very Kind and Generous)!!!

Lastly, please pray for a man who came up to us when we finished Preaching (it was hard to pronounce his name, let alone try to spell it. But, GOD knows his name). He was in his late 20’s or early 30’s & he asked some Very honest & sincere questions about GOD & the Bible. Praise The LORD, Caleb & I Witnessed to him for approximately 25 minutes or more!!! Thank you again dear saint’s for praying for us!! SOLO DEO GLORIA!!!

October 10 (Monday)

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay (Tommy Case)

I handed out 93 of my personal testimony tracks and 93 Chick tracts. 2 people, a man and woman couple, got saved. They live in Auburn, it’s about 5 hours from here but this coming week I’m going to drive down there and give them Bibles, My
Utmost For His Highest, God’s chosen fast and the history of the English-speaking Bible. That’s really where my heart is for these people, for at least a couple of days to get them started. they said they went to several churches and they were boring. He’s an alcoholic, he’s a black kid about 30 she’s a white girl, they’ve been married 10 years and they were excited about somebody telling them how to get free from the Trap they are in. How to shake the alcohol and other things and how to live for God. It gives me joy to see a hungry soul! I so thank God from my first pastor, he was truly on fire for God and it was like his eyes. He told me to read the Bible, taught me how to fast, xcetera. I’ve had my ups and down since then but I always knew how to get right with God when I Stray From Him.

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