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Have you ever wanted to take an international mission trip but didn’t know where to being in your preparations?

First, get a passport.  Official information on how to apply is on this page: Passport Applications. It’s a simple process which can be expedited if you are short on time.  But take your time to familiarize yourself with the process and go ahead and apply even if you do not have a trip scheduled at the moment.


Second, search for flights to get a sense of the time of air travel, the typical departure and arrival times plus the cost.  For instance, flights to London which are normally eight hours in length often depart in the evening for arrival the next morning. London is five hours ahead so this time is factored into your travel time.

Atlanta Int'l

For instance if your flight from say Atlanta is direct and departs at 6:00 PM it should arrive at 7:00 AM London time. That’s eight hours of flight time plus a five hour time difference.  Knowing this helps in planning when you should arrive; for instance if you needed to arrive in London by Noon then you calculate backwards when you had to depart from the US.


The roundtrip cost toLondon has been between $1,100 and $1,500 for sometime.

So if your mission trip began Saturday morning in London you would know by when you would have to leave the US to arrive at the airport and what it would cost you.  If the mission ended the following Saturday at Noon then you would learn you could catch a later afternoon flight from London back to Atlanta and arrive the same day or you spend the afternoon and evening in London site seeing and return home on Sunday.

These are general ideas on beginning to plan your international mission trip.

More to come….

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