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Dr. David Crandall, far left, is the director of the outreach.  The two other gentlemen are ABWE missionaries in Brazil and helping lead the outreach too.

Rio Team

This is a picture of SFOI’s team.Left to right: Joshua Richards and his fiancee Rachel Adolphs Columbus, OH; Chip and his daughter Susanna ABWE missionaries in Brazil and our interpreters; Tom Sadowski, Denton, TX; Warren and Darlene Marquardt from Lakeland, FL; Stephen Morris, Raleigh, NC between and behind Warren and Darlene; Yours truly and George Moore, Charleston SC.


Picture of the entire team in the auditorium of our facility.

CasaderetiorThis is a picture of our accommodations.  It appears to be an old monastery.


View from my room onto the Pacific Ocean.


View of our ministry location yesterday which was at the south end of the lake where the rowing competitions were being held.  This page is the official Olympic rowing page with pictures: and this page shows where the lake sits within the city of Rio and the famous Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches which are directly south.:,-43.2111493,4833m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

These are more pictures from day 1 & 2: SFOI Summer Olympics Pictures.


There were several good conversations with people plus nearly 1,000 7th Wonder booklets distributed.

Overall for the group: 7157 booklets were distributed; people from 43 countries were spoken with; 585 individual conversations held including 7 salvations.


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