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Summer Olympics 8-14-16

Today the ministry location was again at the Transportation Center where people were riding the buses and light rail into our area all day. A very large mall, the NYC Mall, is near us and the beach is a 10 minute walk. Both of these destinations led to foot traffic all day long. ALl the pictures from the day and entire outreach can be seen here: SFOI Rio Pictures.

Below: the ‘Gospel Net’ of Tom, red shirt, preaching, and Alexander, left, Joshua and Rachel, right,  all in green shirts distributing Gospel Booklets.


Below: George, left, can be seen distributing Gospel Booklets.


Below: Alexander, green shirt, witnessing to young man.


Below: Pastor Bruno, middle, heard the preaching and received a Gospel Booklet and was convicted to stop and join us. Warren is in the left and George on the right.




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