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Third Week of October SFOI 1,000 Games

October 15 (Saturday)

Texas Tech vs. West Virginia (Dorothy Boyett)

Oct 15 – vs. West Virginia


Rocky preached and myself and Rocky’s son handed out tracts. The crowd was quieter due to the fact it was a morning game. We did have a couple of hecklers. I was able to interact with about twelve individuals. I witnessed to the student pictured then handed him over to Rocky.

UT vs. Alabama (Bill Adams)

UT hosted #1 Alabama in a huge showdown for the Volunteers.  This meant lots of fans arriving early and therefore able to hear the Word.  Ministry time was 11:45 AM – 2:45 PM. These are some pictures from my ministry location.  Two men asked for prayers for their friend Tony, another fan wanted to hear a particular Scripture, 3 fans after hearing the Word shook my hand to thank me for being at the game and Dr. Mark Underwood was also preaching at the game down the street.


This view is from my preaching location looking out to the fans. You can see the tracts on the wall for fans to take.


This view is across the street from my ministry location. If you look for 4 foot brick wall with a cement top that is where I am stand to preach.


This view is to the left from my ministry location. This picture was taken early in the day prior to the arrival of the mass numbers of fans.


This view is of Neyland Stadium in front of the student center. You can see the crowds to the right on Phil Fulmer Drive. Amazing numbers of fans in one place.

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