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University Of South Carolina vs. Tennessee 10/29

University Of South Carolina vs. Tennessee
by George Moore

As the sunset faded over William Brice Staduim, unfortunately the depravity of mankind came out, and was driven by alcohol, which is used to seek the gapping whole they have with in their hearts.
I was blessed tonight in two ways by the Lord Jesus. First, by having brother Jo from Charleston SC come out a join me in laboring in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Secondly, as I and Jo were playing roles with one another to draw a crowed; a young man named Joshua who has a disability came up to and shared concern for those listening in that Jesus saves, and need to surrender there lives. Don’t miss this. Here is a man who is handcaped and testifying in the of Jesus, and showing great concern for the lost all the while people are feeling sorry for him he has compassion for them (the lost). I was so humbled and encouraged at the same time.
Nevertheless, Joshua’s heart  reminded me that I am to see people as he did, which is how Jesus does, and that is with compassion!  of something from Joshua, which was to see people with compassion!

    Jo and I had several conversations tonight, and God allowed for Richard and I to continue our conversation from last week. In addition, the people are becoming more receptive to the preaching of God’s Word and even seeking prayer and fellowship. It truly was and is a honor to proclaim the Saving Message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

First picture is brother Jo. Second, picture is a young man about to graduate, and seeking to be more of a servant of the Lord. Please pray for him. His name is Bennet.


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