This event is a training event for men who want to learn how to open air preach. Tommy Waltz of Gospel of God Ministries is the lead trainer for the three day outreach. If you have never open air preached before or want to learn specific methods of open air preaching then this event is for you.

Tommy will cover these topics:


Lesson 1 – Introduction and the history of Open Air Preaching

Lesson 2 – Fundamentals of Open Air Preaching and Open Air Dialogue



Lesson 3 – Common Objections A

Lesson 4 – Common Objections B


Lessons 5 – Dealing With Police Officers

Lessons 6 – Importance of Personal Holiness



Lesson 7 – The Engine of Prayer

Lesson 8 – How to Disciple Evangelist and People in Evangelism


Lesson 9 – The Benefit of being a Church Member and Submit to Church Leadership

Lesson 10 – What Tools to Use During Open Air Preaching

The practical ministry training will be conducted at the Coca-Cola 600 event held in downtown Charlotte, NC. The official name of the event is Speed Street.


Thursday: Arrive by 10:00 AM, teaching – Lesson #1; ministry – six hours of evangelism and practical application of Tommy’s teaching at Speed Street; teaching – Lesson #2.

Friday: Prayer, breakfast, teaching – Lessons #3 & #4 ministry – six hours of evangelism and practical application of Tommy’s teaching at Speed Street, teaching Lessons #5 & #6.

Saturday: Prayer, breakfast, teaching – Lessons #7 & #8, ministry – six hours of evangelism and practical application of Tommy’s teaching at Speed Street, teaching Lessons #9 & #10.

Accommodations: Days Inn Charlotte Airport North 2625 Little Rock Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214. [Two men to a room]. Six miles from Bank of America Stadium.

Meals: breakfast is provided at the hotel. Lunch is own your own during the ministry time in downtown Charlotte. Dinner is on your own and will be accessed during the evening teaching time.

Airport pick up: You will be picked up if you fly into Charlotte. Simply email Hannah your itinerary at:

Speakers:  Tommy Waltz

Registration Information:  Men only. Limited to sixteen total.

Cost: $130. Includes accommodations, breakfast on Friday and Saturday and transportation to and from ministry location. You can make payments here: Coca-Cola 600 Payment.

Next Step: Register by clicking on the SFOI logo below. Once you register and are approved you will receive further information including but not limited to an event waiver and payment information. You will also be asked to submit a bio and picture to be posted on the event pages.

Questions about how SFOI works: If you have not previously participated in an SFOI outreach then visit these pages to help you understand the work of the ministry: SFOI Distinctives; the goal of SFOI;  what to expect at an SFOI event; SFOI Vision and Mission statements; Registering for an event.


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Coca-Cola 600 Evangelists

Bill Adams – Atlanta, GA

Bill Adams was raised in the church, Baptist and Methodist, and has never in his life not known of or considered God in his life. In 1988 upon graduation from Belmont University’s Masters in Business program the Lord personally entered Bill’s life and called Bill to follow Him. That began a 29 year journey of following Jesus Christ and growing in the grace and knowledge of Him.

In 1995 the Lord called Bill to begin to go into the highways and hedges to preach the Word and in 2000 Bill became a full-time evangelist.

In the early years Bill preached at seemingly every concert, sporting event, parade and festival in Atlanta and simultaneously the Lord led him to travel to major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Final Four and Olympics to preach.

In 2007 Sports Fan Outreach [SFOI] was born as an effort to bring more Saints with him to preach at these sporting events and now through the SFOI George Whitefield program Bill is seeking men who believed they are called into full-time evangelism to join him to saturate the Western World with the Gospel.

Over the years millions of souls throughout the Western World have heard the Word through Bill’s preaching and the great delight of his life is knowing and preaching Jesus Christ crucified.

Bill is married and has four children. He is a commissioned evangelist of the Diocese of the Central States of the Reformed Episcopal Church which is part of the Anglican Church of North America and is presently enrolled in the Masters of Theology program at Union School of Theology headquartered in Oxford, England. You can read Bill’s personal theological thoughts here: Bill Adams’ Theological Writings: Views from an Evangelist.

Bryan Braddy – Wakeforest, NC

My name is Bryan Braddy. I am 37 years old and I live in Wake Forest, N C. I been married for 11 years to my wonderful wife Emily, and I have (3) kids: Colin (16), Aidan (10), and Dylan (7). I am a project manager for a local general contractor names Resolute Building Company in Chapel Hill, NC. I came to know Jesus Christ just last January of 2014 after moving to Wake Forest from High Point, NC and finding our current church at Richland Creek.

My brother Zack has taught me, by taking me with him to parades and other local events around Raleigh, NC how to evangelize on the streets and other universities. I enjoy sharing my faith with others and look forward to opportunities at these events to speak about Christ.

I love to run, go to the beach, and spend time with my family. This will be my first Super Bowl Outreach

Eric Schievenin – Monroe, NC

Hello brothers! My name is Eric Schievenin, I am 24 years old and have been happily married for a whopping 3 years. I’m currently attending RTS Charlotte, while serving as a youth director at Church of the Redeemer in Indian Trail, NC. My wife teaches 4th grade. We do not have children yet, but my wife treats our two cats as such (no doubting it, she’s a cat person).

I was born into a Christian home, where Jesus was talked about often. One night, when I was 5 or 6 years old, I began really listening to the prayers of my parents over me before bed. I wanted that Jesus which they proclaimed. My parents walked me through the gospel that night, and I understood that in many ways I was bad, God was good, and I needed Jesus. I believe that the Holy Spirit was at work in me that night, and that I came to faith. In elementary school, I can remember talking about Jesus on the playground (which is where I found out not everyone was a Christian).

During middle school, I experienced a period of backsliding. It was actually one of my non-Christian friends who God used to point out to me that I was not acting like myself. Near the end of middle school, I struggled with the question of whether I was actually saved, because of the way I had acted (I did not understand that justification is not an instant perfectionism). Through the help of wonderful mentors, particularly two youth pastors and a friend, I came to an assurance of salvation. God had used them to rekindle my excitement for Jesus! After that experience, I knew I was being called to be a mentor to others, and I have been pursuing the ministry ever since.

I have never engaged in street preaching. If I’m honest, I am terrified… but that we are never alone! I trust this time with you all will be challenging and exhausting, but extremely edifying and glorifying. I pray that the Gospel shines forth, even through my weakness.

Seth Richardson – Rougemont, NC

Seth Richardson is a husband and father of 3 from Durham North Carolina. He works full time in the field of Network Security but his heart is Evangelism and he desires to make that his vocation.

Seth was raised in the umbrella of the Watchtower Society and was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1997. Seth served as a faithful teacher and Evangelist for the Watchtower for 17 years until witnessing certain events within the organization led him to question the Watchtower claim to authority among other doctrines. In December 2013, Seth stepped down from his role in the organization and formally dissociated himself. After a few months, Seth heard a full and clear presentation of the Gospel by Todd Ellis of Make Sure Ministries in a Youtube video which led him to repent and put his trust in Christ. Seth contacted Todd and Betty Ellis who conducted a Bible study with Seth and his family weekly for several months by phone until Seth and his family came under the discipleship of First Baptist Church of Durham North Carolina. Seth and his wife Linda were baptized August 10, 2014.

Seth became active in street evangelism and open air preaching in the fall 2015 and shares in this work on a weekly basis in Durham and Raleigh North Carolina. Seth is currently being discipled in Evangelism by Tommy Waltz and Gospel of God Ministries.

Tommy Waltz – Raleigh, NC

Tommy Waltz

I grew up in a family with no religious background. The leaders in my life were alcoholics and loved pornography, so this was my influence. I was born a twin. While I was in the womb, my position did not allow my right side to develop properly. I entered the world partially paralyzed and developed a speech impediment when I started talking. In the fourth grade I was diagnosed with a learning and reading disability. I was picked on a lot in school and was told that I was slow and dumb. During my late teenage years my father told me that I was not going to work on his farm because of my slow comprehension. I found work in Columbia, South Carolina as a personal trainer and my idol became my body. I also joined several rock bands. With my last band we produced a CD and toured the Southeast. This life was from the pits of hell. The longer I lived, the more I hated my life. I had no purpose, no meaning, and no direction.

At the age of twenty-three, a lady invited me to a play on the life of Jesus. It explained His life from birth to His resurrection. This was the start of the whole transformation. I didn’t give my life to Christ that night. I continued running for a year. As I read God’s word, deeper conviction of sin grew. I was on the verge of taking my life, but through God’s grace He spared my life. The night I was going to take my life I found a card in my room from a person that reminded me of Jesus’ love for me. Turning to the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, I repented and placed my faith in Jesus that night in my room. My view of life is simple – Jesus died and came out of the grave for me, so I have to live for Him.

My Jesus found me broken on my bedroom floor not wanting to live anymore. Oh, how can I not share His Glorious Name? He has taken a slow, crippled boy off a farm in South Carolina and given him new life. I type this with tears in my eyes. I am a man who is blessed beyond measure with an amazing wife who has believed in me from day one and three amazing girls.

May we all boast together in what Jesus Christ has done in all of our lives.  We serve an amazing God.  He saved us and now He deserves our entire lives.

I have had the opportunity to lead a ministry called Gospel of God Ministries since 2009. GGM preaches and teaches the Gospel until faith becomes action.

The faith has a twofold action. First, it is pulling the unbeliever into the kingdom through repentance and faith in Jesus. Second, it is pushing the believer out into the world to share their faith. Find out more at

This will be my fifth SBO with New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco under my belt by God’s grace. I look forward to leading my team alongside the other leaders at next year’s SBO. Go and proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed!

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”  Romans 1:16

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