Support Raising Solutions offers fundraising seminars. See the list here: SRS Bootcamps.

This book is renown for its comprehensive discussion for missionaries who want to get ‘Fully Funded’. Steve Shadrach the author has an excellent reputation as an expert in the field of fundraising.  To see the web page where the book can be purchased visit: The God Ask.


Campus Crusade, who has 27,000 fully funded missionaries around the world, trains missionaries from other ministries.  Charlie Berry one of their top trainers taught us this June. He does an outstanding job which means I highly recommend their training.

Charlie has given us the dates you can attend their extensive training.


The tuition is $700 for singles, $1200 for a couple, plus housing.

If you are serious about going full-time this is the type of training you need. All of their missionaries raise their salary before they begin work.  The truth is if you don’t get fully funded upfront you will always struggle to stay funded.  They teach you to get and stay fully funded so you can devote your time and energies to your ministry to the lost.

This is the initial web page: New Staff Training.

Videos from Bill Adams SFOI C.E. & O.:

You can find fundraising information on this site:

The Better Nonprofit Conference

Enter this code to access the messages: betternonprofit2015

These are two sites with extensive information: – this format teaches the simple process of fundraising. – this firm offers multi-day training.

Some videos from Ask Thank Report Repeat:

These are videos from Support Raising Solutions:

Here are some fundraising letters:

Mission Trip Fundraising Letter I

Mission Trip Fundraising Letter II

Fundraising Letter 4-24-14

Ken Hisle RWC ’15