The reason for this page is to offer you another means of generating revenue to participate in an  SFOI event. The Melaleuca Company offers a simple means of accomplishing your revenue needs.

Melaleuca is an online store that sells household items plus health and beauty products at less cost and better quality than what you can purchase at the stores. Their products are the best that nature and science offer which means for instance their household items are not toxic.

To generate revenue you refer people to purchase their non-perishable household items plus health and beauty products from Melaleuca.  Your revenue comes from the income that is normally paid to the stores where these items are purchases.  The founder of Meleleuca, Frank VanderSloot explains where your revenue comes from in the third slide of the presentation below.

You can learn about Melaleuca and its products:  Melaleuca Company and Products.

You can read a simple presentation of generating short term revenue: Melaleuca 10-19-15.

One more point to seek to make this enterprise simple:

1) What you would do every day is ask as many people as possible if they would support your mission trip buy purchasing their non-perishable household items and their health and beauty products from Melaleuca through you.  That’s it.

To summarize the income:

1) Based on Melaleuca’s income estimates you could generate $1,000+ in 30 – 60 days by enrolling only 20 customers which could generate another $2,400 throughout the year.  That’s a total of $3,400+.

2)  They would need to purchase $50 +/- or more in products from you each month but again they would receive more and better products for their money than by purchasing the same items at retail stores. In other words there is no extra cost for them as a Melaleuca customer.  They are simply exchanging the store where they purchase their products.

3) Melaleuca ships the products directly to their houses and fully automates the purchases which means your customers can establish an ongoing monthly list of items to be sent to their homes so they don’t have to take their time shopping for the items each month.

An example of income possibility given by a fellow evangelist who works with Melaleuca.

1) enroll ten customers this month
2) enroll five more customers next month
3) enroll five more customers the following month
Of these 20 enrollments, idenify 3-5 of them who would like to enroll Melaleuca customers. So let’s say the first month out of the 10 you find 2 and in each of next two months you find 1 more each month. Of those 4, help one of them get to director and the other 3 enroll some customers and the person should reach Director 3.
A Director 3 in 90 days should earn around $4000 over the three months and then have a residual income of around $600 per month. So as you can see, even at this status it would be enough to pay for a mission trip or two per year.

Finally, if you have questions or want to enroll please notify me via phone or email. You cannot enroll yourself.   866-646-LOVE (5683) #1.