In order to be considered for an SFOI sponsored event you must complete the following registration form. Please read the following four items prior to answering the questions.

  1. Additionally as part of your registration please send via e-mail to two reference letters: one from your pastor and one from your spouse that testify to your character & their approval of your attendance. If you are not married then preferably have a letter from your authority at work, a teacher if you attend school, a board member if you own a company or operate a ministry or non-profit; simply someone in your life who can testify of your character.
  2. The best way to answer the questions is to answer them on a separate word document and then cut and paste the answers into the appropriate boxes.  Sometimes the answers aren’t saved when you click “Register” at the bottom of the “Registration” page and if that happens then you would have to re-enter your answers.  You can prevent yourself from having to re-answer the questions by saving them on a word document and then either emailing the answers to or cutting and pasting them again into the correct boxes.
  3. By registering you are acknowledging you have read the above paragraphs and understand what you are being asked to do to complete your registration for an SFOI event and that you are committed to attending the event for which you are registering if your registration is approved.
  4. If you have registered for a previous event simply log in to your account and change the event you wish to attend.