The SFOI 1,000 is a movement to have the Gospel preached – Lord willing – at every Rugby home game in the UK. The games are played March – October.

Premiership League Rugby.

Here’s the list of the 12 teams: Premiership Rugby Clubs and the map of their location.

Will you join this movement and commit to preaching at every home Rugby game in your area?

In other words if you commit and you live near Bristol and and the Ashton Gate Stadium you would commit to preach at every Bears home game for the season. Not just one or two but all the games.

There’s many reasons for committing to every home game:

  • Consistency makes a ministry more fruitful.
  • There are many people who will see you at the first game and ignore you but by the fifth game they are listening.
  • There are many people who work at the games and they would see you each week and you would learn to minister to them.
  • You’ll see people at the games who have perhaps seen you preaching at other venues.
  • Football games are the only sport/activity where the crowds are large every week.
  • You’ll grow as an evangelist and preacher from making a commitment, rearranging your schedule and being at each game.
  • You can recruit others to join you over the season who can join you at other events and for the next season.

What else is part of the SFOI 1000 Program?

  • Your picture, profile and the stadium at which you are preaching will be posted on the SFOI 1,000 preachers page and you will have your own page that will be promoted through social media.
  • You’ll receive free tracts.
  • You must submit a brief post game report with a couple of pictures that will be posted on the SFOI web site and social media pages.
  • If you want to commit but have never preached before or have no experience preaching at a football game training is offered.

So if you are ready to join the movement and make the commitment then……Register here: Registration.

If you have questions email Bill Adams at:

Come on ‘Get in the Game’ and lift up your voice to tens of thousands of souls for our great God’s glory.

Committed Evangelists