Sports Fan Outreach International participates in the Great Commission by mobilizing, equipping and discipling teams of preachers and evangelists to proclaim Christ (Phil. 1:18) to fans at major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup (soccer), Olympics, Final Four, and Rugby World Cup in the U.S.A. and around the world.

SFOI’s three distinctives are fellowship, teaching and outreach. Fellowship means that the Saints who participate are organized and minster together in teams and that the Saints’ accommodations are at the same location to facilitate interaction amongst everyone so they can get to know each other; teaching means that during the outreaches Pastors and Professors speak to us either about a specific topic or their area of expertise; and outreach means that the Saints are engaged in evangelistic outreach to the fans for six to eight hours per day.

SFOI now has established the George Whitefield Program which is for men who believed they are called to full-time evangelism.  SFOI offers administrative support and practical and theological training for full-time evangelists.

To apply to the George Whitefield program George-Whitefield-Program-Application-Updated.

Sports Fan Outreach International
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Phone: (866) 646-5683

This sermon captures the heart of Sports Fan Outreach: Rekindling Your Love for Christ.