February 11, 2020

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Sports Fan Outreach International where we believe that Jesus Christ reveals God to the world and makes all those who believe in Him righteous as He is righteous so that we can be reconciled to God and therefore dwell together with God now and in the next life (I John 1:3).

Therefore SFOI seeks to bring salvation to the souls attending major sporting events.  This means our goal at these events is for the fans to hear the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, be provided an opportunity to respond, be ministered to in the moment and seek to refer them to a Bible teaching church for discipleship.

Major sporting events include the Rugby and Cricket World Cups, the Olympics, World Athletic Championship, Commonwealth Games and NFL London games.

Thus SFOI organizes outreaches or mission trips to these events and invites evangelists to participate. These events are listed under the “Events” tab.

SFOI also provides opportunities and support for evangelists to grow in their work which leads to more souls hearing the Gospel in more places more often.

One of those ways is through the George Whitefield Program [GWP] which is for evangelists who believe they are called to full-time evangelistic work or who simply have a passion for souls to hear the Gospel and want to engage in evangelistic work full-time. The GWP provides training, administrative support, fellowship and accountability for the evangelists.

The other way is education.  SFOI has partnered with Union School of Theology based in Oxford. They offer education theological studies through their on campus program and through what they call Learning Communities.  Union School of Theology’s Learning Community Program.

In summary, SFOI’s primary goal is for the salvation of fans at major sporting events and consequently the ministry’s ongoing work is the development of faithful and fruitful evangelists.

If you are an evangelist pray about attending an upcoming SFOI Outreach which are listed under the “Events” tabs.

SPORTS FAN OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL is a registered UK charity with the Registered Charity Number 1180585. If you desire to partner financially with SFOI then visit these pages for information: Tax Deductible Gifts & Sponsor An Evangelist.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  At SFOI we believe in communicating and are eager to talk with everyone who has a passion for souls to hear and believe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you again for your visit to the Sports Fan Outreach Int’l web site. Hope to hear from you.

Grace, mercy & peace,

Rev. Bill Adams
Chief Evangelist & Overseer
Sports Fan Outreach Int’l
“Mobilizing the next generation of George Whitefields”
020 8133 6955