The goal is for lost souls at major sporting events to be reconciled to God, enter His Kingdom and begin to love Him with their heart, soul, mind & strength.

This goal is explained in detail here:

Sports Fan Outreach Int’l’s goal is for fans attending major sporting events to hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (Phil 1:18; Romans 10:1-17) in order that they may be provided an opportunity respond and Lord willing believe It.  The SFOI evangelist is there to both preach the Gospel and minister to the fans as they respond and hopefully refer the fans to a Bible teaching church for discipleship. [Acts 2:38, 3:19, 5:31, 8:22,  17:30, 20:21, 26:20; 2 Cor. 7:10; 2 Peter 3:9; Rev. 3:19]

The fans hear the Gospel as they participate in pre-game events either at the respective venue or at a fanfest** perhaps located in the downtown area of the host city. In other words the fans are not inside the venue when they hear the Gospel.

The Gospel is communicated via preaching, distributing literature and individual conversations and all hearers are called to repent and believe the Gospel if they don’t and are edified and ministered to if they do believe. All vision and mission statements, organizational and training efforts are designed to lead to fans hearing the Gospel at major sporting events.

The pictures you see on the Photo page  show the locale and interactions taking place.

**Fanfest is a word describing events hosted by the particular event or host city that are intended to attract fans whether they are attending the event or not.