1]     Each day of an outreach begins with an hour of prayer followed by an hour or two of teaching then eight hours of ministry.  This schedule is essentially the same whether the event is two days or two weeks. Eight hours of ministry is exhausting so you must be in physical shape to endure the long days involved with each outreach.   This is eight hours of relentless evangelism in one location in a city or at an event.  Breaks are only to grab a drink or snack.

2]     SFOI operates in teams. Each Team has a designated Team Leader who’s responsibility is to get their Team to and from the ministry site; interact with the local authorities on behalf of the Team; provide guidance on all matters throughout the day and teaches preaching, tracting and how to engage in conversations to those on the Team who want training. The normal way ministry operates is that one member of the Team preaches while the other members distribute tracts and talk to people.

3]     SFOI ministers in lively often raucous environments where tens of thousands of people are milling around talking, drinking and cheering.  In general the environment is a free for all. Even if the ministry occurs in the downtown of a large metropolitan city the environment is noisy and chaotic.

In order for as many souls as possible to hear the Gospel in these environments open air preaching is the primary means used by SFOI team for souls to hear the Gospel. Tracts are also distributed and conversations held.

The pictures demonstrate the environment and response of some hearers of the Word proclaimed:

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If you want to see more pictures you can visit this page: SFOI Photos.

4]     SFOI’s central method of communicating the Gospel is open air preaching which brings the Kingdom of God to bear on the consciences of the hearers of the Word both saved and unsaved. Open air preaching sets in motion all of the spiritual responses and conversations from souls passing by and establishes God’s authority in the area in which you are evangelizing.

5] Since man is made in God’s image he is able to discern and respond to the Gospel. Open air preaching initiates this response in mass and allows conversations and receipt of tracts to occur.